At First Great Western, we're doing everything we can to help you on your journey. We know that sometimes things don't go as planned, and that's why we have introduced JourneyAlert - a new free* service that texts or emails you if there are any cancellations, alterations or disruptions to your First Great Western train.

JourneyAlert provides information on First Great Western trains only, directly from the First Great Western Operational Control Centre in Swindon. You can check our Live departures and arrivals to get the latest train times for other services running from your station.

All you need to do is sign up to JourneyAlert and we do the rest. We even take care of the cost of us getting in touch. So if there are disruptions, you'll be able to let people know, make other plans, or get to the station at a more leisurely pace.

Sign-up to JourneyAlert

After you sign up, you’ll need to respond to the verification email and text message that we automatically send to you. Then you can edit your account so that you receive only the information that is relevant to your journey.

Customise your alerts

You can customise your alerts using our online screen to enter the details of the alerts you would like to receive. you can register for up to four different journeys, with outward and return counting as two journeys.

Choose your times

To select train times, simply fill in the 'For Trains Between' section. This will define which trains you will be contacted about.

'Alert me at' is the time which the alert will be sent. It should be as close to the departure time of your earliest train as possible, to ensure that you receive the very latest information.

Please ensure that your selected times include the trains in which you are interested but don't make the time interval too large. This is particularly important for text alerts as not all incidents affecting all trains may be able to be displayed within the character limit of a text message.

The alerts are based on most serious incident rather than earliest train. So, for instance, the cancellation of a third and fourth service within your time interval could prevent advice being received.

Choose your stations

Enter your stations in the 'That go from' section. Your alerts will then be based on the scheduled departure time of the trains from your stations.

'From' and 'to' locations must be served by direct trains. If you wish to receive alerts for multi-leg journeys, you will need to register each leg as a separate alert. When you have completed setting up your alert details, click on 'Finish'.

Change your details

You can edit your details or alerts at any time by clicking on 'Log In' on the JourneyCheck home page and using the email and password that you entered when registering. You can also suspend your alerts for a temporary period (for instance whilst you are away on holiday).
JourneyAlert terms and conditions 

This service is brought to you by First Great Western Limited and was developed by Nexus Alpha Limited. The information supplied comes directly from staff in the First Great Western Limited Operational Control Centre in Swindon.