What we're doing

 We all have a responsibility, as businesses and as individuals, to reduce the impact we have on our environment. First Great Western has recently introduced a range of environmental schemes, to put our commitment to reducing environmental impact into action.

  • Providing new engines for our fleet of High Speed Trains, which reduces fuel usage by 15%, reduces CO2 emissions by 64% and smoke emissions by 42%.
  • Setting up a residents committee at our Laira depot in Plymouth to reduce noise and fume pollution for our immediate neighbours.
  • Organising a group of volunteers at our Reading depot - classed as a Wildlife Heritage site - to enhance wildlife features and improve the site.
  • Setting up on-board waste recycling schemes on the Reading to Oxford route and a waste minimisation programme to decrease packaging and encourage more biodegradable and recyclable packaging.
  • Collecting utility usage for all our stations and depots.
  • Making sure all of our station refurbishments take into account environmental impact.

We are also working towards:

  • improving waste segregation from on-board train waste
  • waste minimisation initiatives with our material suppliers.