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Season tickets

Important information
Due to a technical issue we are unable to offer season ticket renewal discounts online.

You can click here to see if your journey qualifies for the discount. Any problems or questions please call 0345 7000 125 or email us at

Making the same journey every day at peak times'? You could make great savings with a season ticket.

Benefits of a season ticket

  • Choose whether your season ticket lasts a week, or any period from a month up to a year.
  • Get a generous discount on the cost of your regular journey.
  • Travel on your chosen route as often as you like without restrictions.
  • Skip the queues - no need to buy a ticket every day.

Season ticket options

  • Rail-only Season Ticket
  • Travelcard Season Ticket
  • Combined 'TrainBus' Season Ticket
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual Car Park Season Ticket
  • Annual Gold Card Season Ticket.


Buy a PlusBus season ticket with your rail season, for unlimited bus travel to and from the rail station (around town). Weekly prices start from just £9 a week.

Find out PlusBus prices or visit the Plusbus website.

Simply ask for a PlusBus season ticket when buying your train season ticket at the ticket office.

Calculate the cost

 You can find out how much your season ticket will cost, using the Season ticket calculator.

Renew online

If you already have a Photocard ID, you can renew your season ticket online here.

When you can buy your season ticket

7 day season tickets and Travelcards
On the start date - If the start date is a Monday (or Tuesday after a Bank Holiday), the season ticket may be issued from 06:00 hours on the previous Sunday.

Period season tickets, Travelcards, Annual and Gold Cards
If the start date is a Saturday, Sunday or Monday (or Tuesday after a Bank Holiday), the ticket may be issued from noon on the previous Friday.

If the start date is another day, the ticket may be issued after noon on the previous day.

If you are renewing your season ticket with no break in continuity the ticket may be issued anytime, up to seven days in advance.

What happens if I lose my Season Ticket?

If you lose your Season Ticket you should report it to the ticket office from which you bought it as soon as possible. If you think it may have been stolen, you should also report it to the police.

If we can’t recover your ticket, we will then consider your application for a duplicate. Duplicate tickets are only provided on Season Tickets of one month or more and we charge a small administration fee for processing them.

We can only provide one duplicate ticket in any 12-month period. However, in the following cases, you can apply for a second:

  • The original Season Ticket is returned to us within one month of you reporting the loss. Or
  • The first or second request for a duplicate was due to theft, robbery, fire or other exceptional circumstances. In this case, the event must have been reported to the police, the fire service or another appropriate body.

We are happy to refund the cost of any tickets bought on your route while waiting for your duplicate to be issued – just remember to keep hold of them.

We cannot issue more than two duplicate Season Tickets in any 12-month period.

'First Eastbound Only' Season Ticket

Are you a season ticket holder travelling between Maidenhead, Twyford and London Paddington? Take advantage of our 'First Eastbound Only' Season Ticket, and travel into London feeling relaxed and ready for the day ahead.

You can now enhance your Standard Class Season Ticket by paying a small premium and enjoy travelling to London in First Class, at just a fraction of the full First Class fare. Return at your leisure in Standard accommodation.

Prices for 7-Day Season tickets are shown below, with Standard Season prices alongside for comparison.


London Terminals '1st Eastbound Only'

London Zones 1-6, '1st Eastbound Only' London Terminals, Standard Season London Zones 1-6, Standard Season
Maidenhead £82.60 £104.80 £66.10 £83.90
Furze Platt £86.30 £108.50 £69.10 £86.80
Cookham £89.50 £111.70 £71.60 £89.40
Bourne End £91.00 £113.10 £72.80 £90.50
Marlow £94.10 £116.50 £75.30 £93.20
Twyford £97.00 £119.10 £77.60 £95.30
Wargrave £99.60 £121.70 £79.70 £97.40
Shiplake £100.00 £122.30 £80.20 £97.90
Henley-on-Thames £101.60 £123.60 £81.30 £98.90

Monthly Seasons and all periods up to Annual are also available. You can find out how much your season ticket will cost, using the Season ticket calculator

Make sure you’ve got a valid ticket

To avoid a penalty, make sure you have made every effort to carry a valid ticket before you board your First Great Western train. Find out more about penalty fares in your area:

West region 'Buy before you board' leaflet (167KB PDF).

Central region 'Buy before you board' leaflet (182KB PDF)

East region 'Buy before you board' leaflet (189KB PDF)