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Find out how we measure performance at First Great Western, how we are working to improve our service, and how we report on our performance to customers.

We deliver performance and financial targets for the benefit of our customers, stakeholders and employees. We are measured by our Public Performance Measure (PPM MAA) score which has improved significantly since the start of the franchise. This is a result of hard work by both First Great Western and infrastructure owners Network Rail.

First Great Western faces major challenges from ageing infrastructure and the knock on temporary speed restrictions they cause. Working with Network Rail, we are overcoming these recurring infrastructure problems on our network and are meeting or exceeding each of the performance challenges under our own control.

We have installed new, environmentally-friendly engines across our entire High Speed Train fleet, improving the reliability of the trains and delivering significant punctuality benefits.

Passenger Charter Results

Performance results for 31 May 2015 - 27 June 2015

(4 weeks average from 31st May 2015)

  Punctuality %
Target Punctuality
Reliability %
Target Reliability
High Speed services
91.1 90.0
London - Thames Valley services
98.8 99.0
Bristol suburban services
94.8 92.0
Devon services
96.4 92.0
Plymouth & Cornwall services
98.2 92.0
99.3 99.5
South Wales - South Coast services

12 months Moving Annual Average (MAA) from 22 June 2014

  Punctuality %
Reliability %
   MAA    MAA  
High Speed services
London & Thames Valley services
 85.5 89.0
Bristol suburban services
 91.2 89.0
Devon services
 96.4 89.0
Plymouth & Cornwall services
 97.8 89.0
South Wales & South Coast services
 92.5 89.0

Discounts payable for renewed season tickets

One void day was declared for each charter group on 06 October 2014.

One void day was declared for High Speed Services and London - Thames Valley on 08 December 2014.

Discounts are payable for Season tickets being renewed which were valid during these times.

High Speed services Void days apply. Punctuality is below trigger, 5% discounts apply.
London - Thames Valley services Void days apply. Punctuality is below trigger, 5% discounts apply.
Bristol Suburban services
Void days apply. 
Devon services Void days apply.
Plymouth & Cornwall
Void days apply.
South West - South Coast
Void days apply.

Updated Thursday 02 July 2015. Discounts apply from 05 July 2015 to 01 August 2015 inclusive.

Daily performance and punctuality results

First Great Western is committed to letting customers know about its performance. We aim to run all our trains on time, but there are times when services are delayed or cancelled and we understand that this causes inconvenience. Details of our daily performance can be found at the link below. We aim to update this page by 2pm every weekday.

View our daily performance and punctuality results

Train performance PPM at Service Group level

First Great Western is committed to keep customers informed about our performance. We aim to reduce passenger complaints year on year, but there are times that services are delayed or cancelled and we understand this causes inconvenience. But we are working to improve these issues, the details of which can be found at the link below.

View our Train performance PPM at Service Group level

National Passenger Results

Autumn 2014

This survey took place between February and April this year when our services were severely impacted by adverse weather, and the very worst flooding in recent history. We are pleased to have been able to maintain our score from last year during such a difficult period.

                                                     Score Summary
Overall Satisfaction 81%
Overall Station 82%
Overall Train 79%

We are pleased to have been able to increase our score from last year, during a period where we have been confronted with some significant infrastructure challenges.

Having learnt lessons from Dawlish, we have put a great deal of effort into improving our station environments, and these results recognise that. A number of factors show significant improvements on last year, including: ticket buying, station environment and staff attitude – as is visible with our increase in the number of customer ambassadors at stations and our 24hr twitter feed.

We have also embarked on a large customer engagement programme to demonstrate the improvements we are, with our industry partners, bringing to the network.

Additional information

With punctuality a key determinant of satisfaction it is disappointing to see performance remain at 85% during this reporting period. During the wave PPM was 85.03%, average for the two previous waves was 86.05% and 85.79%.

There is much to do both in terms of performance and capacity. Our work with Network Rail to invest in the railway is ongoing, and has seen the opening of the Reading Viaduct at the beginning of January, removing a significant bottle neck on our network.

We have also just released two-thirds of our new standard class carriages, as part of a deal which will create almost 3,000 more standard class seats a day for customers across the network.

Background and FGW year-on-year

Train cleanliness elements have improved by 4 points since last June and by 8 points year on year. Station improvements are seen across both the physical state of our stations and across the people elements, improving 16 points since June and 15 points year on year.

Number of complaints per 100,000 passengers

First Great Western is committed to reducing complaints from our passengers, whether these are train delays, transparency around cancellations and general information. We are working hard to improve communications and the results can be found at the link below.

View our complaints per 100,000 passengers results