Our partners

We are committed to developing our partner relationships and we work with key stakeholders to achieve improvements for all.

Our relationships with our partners have a regional focus, which aims to develop a feeling among our stakeholders of being part of a locally-focused company which is supported by a successful, financially strong and innovative international business.

We have open and regular conversations with stakeholder groups, including formal consultation and regular informal contact. We have held more than 1,000 meetings with almost 400 stakeholders and we have held regular Meet the Manager sessions, as well as regular stakeholder advisory group meetings.

Stakeholder consultation

We believe that successful rail services depend crucially on a partnership between our customers, the communities we serve and us, the train company.

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Local authorities

We have a two-way flow of information between local authorities and ourselves. This approach has been successful in helping us gain funding to improve train services and facilities.

Network Rail

Meeting the franchise commitment laid down by the Department for Transport (DfT) involves a close partnership with Network Rail. This has resulted in a number of initiatives designed to improve performance and make train travel more comfortable and convenient for our customers. We are committed to working together in partnership to deliver improved infrastructure and service.

Department for Transport (DfT)

First Great Western has a contract with the DfT to deliver the franchise commitments. Ad-hoc and four-weekly meetings are held to discuss progress on commitments and industry issues.

Passenger groups

We work closely with passenger groups including Passenger Focus and London TravelWatch, talking to them, listening to them and involving them in our business.

National Assembly for Wales

We encourage discussion, listen to the views of members and, where appropriate, take on board their suggestions. Our approach is one of openness and honesty and we make sure members’ views are taken into account when making business decisions. A Welsh language policy has been developed and launched which encourages and promotes the use of the Welsh language.