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There may be a number of reasons why customers apply for a refund. Whether it be a train delay, or you simply want to change your mind on the purchase of a ticket. We make the process secure and simple, regardless of if you have purchased your tickets online, in a station or over the phone. You can find out more information on the process and what you are entitled to by clicking on any of the titles below.

Refunds for unused or part used tickets
If the First Great Western train you planned to catch is cancelled or delayed and you therefore decide not to travel, you can claim a full refund of your ticket. This can be done within 28 days of the expiry of your ticket as detailed below.

If you decide not to travel for any other reason, you can still claim a refund of your ticket, but it will be subject to an administration fee of £10 per application. Claims must be made within 28 days of the date of expiry of the ticket. Please note that Advance Purchase Tickets are non-refundable.

Depending on how you bought your tickets, you may apply for a refund as follows:

  1. If purchased via First Great Western’s website: Apply on-line by going to "My Account" and following the instructions with regards to requesting a refund.
  2. If purchased through our Telesales Department or at a station, please contact telesales on 0345 7000 125 (7am – 10pm Monday - Friday; 8am – 7pm Saturday & Sunday) or return back to the station where you purchased your ticket.
  3. If purchased through another company, such as or a travel agent, please refer to them for refund details.
Refunds for Season tickets

If you no longer require your season ticket, you may apply for a partial refund. This will be based on the difference between the cost of the season ticket you hold and the cost of a season ticket for the period up to the date you return it to FGW, less an administration fee of £10.

Season tickets offer significant savings to a daily traveller and you may find that if there is only a small proportion of the validity remaining, your refund will be little or nothing. For example, an annual season ticket has no refund value after 40 weeks.

To apply for a season ticket refund, hand it in at the station where it was bought and complete the Refund Application Form you will be provided with.

If you purchased your Season Ticket online, please send, with a covering letter to:

First Great Western Web Refunds

If you hold a season ticket but are unable to travel for four or more weeks because of sickness, you may apply for a discretionary partial refund. This can be done at the station where it was bought, or by sending it to:

First Great Western Customer Services
Freepost SWB40576

We will require supporting documentation, such as a medical certificate.

Please notify us as soon as possible of your non-travel.

How to apply for a refund
  1. If purchased via First Great Western’s website or via our Mobile App, please apply for a refund via account for all tickets except Advance tickets.

  2. If purchased by phone through our Telesales Department, return the tickets and a completed application form to:
  3. First Great Western Aftersales Department
    PL4 6ZZ

    Download this refund form if you purchased via First Great Western telesales.

  4. If purchased at a station, return them to the station concerned or send the tickets and a completed application form to:

  5. First Great Western
    Customer Relations
    PL4 6AB

    Download this refund form if you purchased at a First Great Western station.

One void day was declared for each charter group 06 October 2014.

One void day was declared for High Speed Services and London - Thames Valley on 08 December 2014.

Discounts are payable for Season tickets being renewed which were valid during these times.

The following discounts are currently being offered to holders of season  tickets valid for one month or more:

High Speed services Void days apply. Punctuality is below trigger, 5% discounts apply.
London & Thames Valley services
Void days apply. Punctuality is below trigger, 5% discounts apply.
Bristol Suburban services
Void days apply.
Devon Void days apply.
Plymouth & Cornwall services Void days apply.
South West & South Coast services
Void days apply.

Customers who have purchased tickets offline should go to their local ticket office to claim their void days.

Customers who have purchased their tickets online should call Web Sales Support on 03457 000 125 to claim their void days.

Updated Thursday 02 July 2015. Discounts apply from 05 July 2015 to 01 August 2015 inclusive.

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