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Cycling Policy

Customers who want to cycle to our stations and use our trains to carry their cycles are very welcome.

To make your journey with us as pleasant and as easy as possible, we've prepared a leaflet giving you information about cycling by train. 

The leaflet covers all aspects of cycling by train, from planning your journey to cycle storage facilities at stations and on trains.

Download our Cycling by Train booklet (PDF).

Our key advice to customers who take their cycle on the train:

Plan ahead

When you buy your tickets, check if your train has any restrictions on carrying cycles, or if reservations are recommended.

Check for engineering work

If Rail Replacement buses are operating in place of trains during engineering work, you won't be able to take your cycle on them.

Reserve your cycle space

On all High Speed Trains, we recommend you make an advance reservation. That way we can guarantee you a cycle space. Customer numbers are continually growing and at certain times our trains are particularly busy. This means we have to impose restrictions on cycles, at our busiest periods, so we don't affect our customers’ comfort or safety.

Services where compulsory cycle reservations are necessary will be marked with a pink dot in our Train Times books. Where cycles are not permitted, this is marked with a pink cross in a circle.

Please note that we have a limit as to the number of bikes that can be carried. On high speed services there is a limit of six bikes and on all other services a limit of two.

Allow plenty of time to buy or pick-up tickets and to get on the train. With a cycle, you need to be on the platform at least ten minutes before the train is due to leave.

How to make a reservation

It is best to reserve as early as possible to make sure you get a space. We recommend making a reservation at least 24 hours in advance. You can make bike reservations at any railway station with a staffed ticket office, or by calling 0345 7000 125. We suggest you reserve your bike space when you buy your train ticket.

Any non-reserved bike spaces will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, including on services where reservations are not available. Our staff have the right to refuse a bike if there is not enough space.

No cycling around stations

For safety reasons, don't ride your cycle anywhere in the station, the concourse, or on platforms.

Ticket gates

If the station has ticket gates, please use the staff operated gate, as this is wide enough for cycles.

Where to wait

Platform staff will be able to advise you where you'll find the cycle storage on your train. If there are no platform staff to help, please refer to ‘Where to store your cycle’ in our leaflet Cycling by train

Storing your cycle on trains

Cycle storage space is provided for you on most trains. If it's available, please use it. Please don't leave your cycle where it will obstruct the doors on High Speed Trains. For safety reasons, we will have to remove any cycles that are likely to cause an obstruction.

Do not lock bikes to anything in the train

If you lose the keys, we can't delay the train to remove the cycle.

Remove all valuables

Panniers, lights, pumps or valuable equipment should be taken with you. We can't be held responsible for anything that goes missing.

Access cycle and seating areas via the platform

For security reasons, on our High Speed Trains, you can't get into the cycle compartments from other carriages.

Inform the Train Manager of your destination

This is vital. He or she will make sure you have access to the cycle storage and ensure there is enough time to unload your cycle.

When you are close to your destination

Make sure you have all your belongings with you and are ready to leave the train by the door nearest to where your cycle is stored.

Download the National Rail Cycling by Train Guide which gives information on carrying cycles on other operators’ services.