WiFi on First Great Western

First Great Western currently offer free WiFi on our Night Riviera Sleeper Service and on our 'Class 180' trains running between London Paddington and the North Cotswolds. Our High Speed Trains that run from London to Bristol, the West Country and South Wales are having WiFi installed throughout the remainder of 2014 meaning our long distance fleets will be fully WiFi equipped by Summer 2015.

Look out for the "Free WiFi" stickers on the above trains.

To connect:
  • Make sure WiFi is enabled on your device
  • Search for network "FGW WiFi" and connect
  • Open your device's internet browser which will automatically take you to First Great Western's WiFi registration page
  • Follow the instructions to activate your free WiFi access
  • You should now be connected
  • Sit back, browse, surf and check your emails. Enjoy!

Technical support

If travelling on one of our daytime services operated by our 'Class 180' fleet, please email
fgw.support@icomera.com or call 020 8028 0378.

If travelling on one of our overnight Sleeper services, please email FGW-OTS@nomadrail.com or call 0330 088 1275.

WiFi is also available at a number of First Great Western stations provided by 'The Cloud.'